Stay In Touch Marketing

You Do Have Something To Say. So Say It.

Do You Find Yourself Thinking:

  • I don't have anything to say
  • I don't want to be annoying
  • Nobody wants to hear what I have to say
  • It takes too much time away from what I want to do
  • I don't know where to market myself

Are You Missing Out on Opportunities?

Discover who your tribe is and where they hang out. Explore different possibilities for content that will work for you. Learn techniques so you won't sound 'sales-y'.

Get In Touch with Your Audience

Your Tribe

Find out where your audience hangs out and stop wasting effort on those not buying.

Your Time

Devise a schedule for your marketing so that you can spend more time in the studio.


Market in a confident, authentic voice that doesn't sound sales-y.


Learn how to review your efforts to eliminate what isn't working.

How Carol Can Help You

I understand the self-talk that can hold you back from marketing your art. While eliminating the negative talk, you will devise a plan that works for you and increases your visibility.

You will be shown the process of creating content that will make it easier for you to market and your followers will want to stay in touch with you.

I have evolved with marketing from paper advertisements to social media over the past twenty years. Keeping up with the latest trends, I will show you what I have learned. Together, you will create a marketing plan designed just for you.


Remain at the top of your follower's minds

Social Media

Avoid the pitfall of lost time on social media


Overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk about marketing


Acquire the knowledge and skills to gain confidence in marketing


Develop necessary skills for reframing fear of change, failure, or risk


Techniques for setting up a successful marketing coampaign

Why Are You Still Waiting?

You are in charge of your life, art, and business. You are responsible for your success. Waiting won't make it happen.

Take action by creating compelling content for social media, newsletters, and blogs. Start creating consistent marketing strategies. Stay in touch with your 'tribe' without being a nuisance.

What's Included

9 One-On-One Sessions

Weekly, private telephone sessions
with Carol for nine weeks

Email Contact

Touch base with Carol between sessions via email

3 Group Sessions

Join Carol in her group session to celebrate your triumphs during the month

Carol personally coaches you for three months, showing you exactly how to create content that will help you build a following on a timetable that is easy to maintain. Knowing that you want to spend less time on the computer and more time creating is one of the objectives of this coaching session. You'll complete assignments and worksheets that you will be able to reuse.

You will explore what different social media platforms might be options for you to consider, but you will need to know how to use the platforms you select to market on as that information is not taught in the coaching sessions.

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