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Build confidence, determine goals, or market your business. Getting started in obtaining happiness is really easy. It begins with an email and a free 30 minute consultation. Isn't your happiness worth 30 minutes of your time?

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One-on-One Coaching

In a one-on-one session with Carol, she provides you strategies, tools and encouragement while you develop confidence and increase motivation. 

Stop doubting your ability and start working on your passion and purpose.

Take the steps necessary to work on your goals, whether it is selling, exhibiting, or instructing.

Get your artwork off your shelves and begin selling by confidently marketing your artwork.

I can help. I'm Carol Bond.

Many artists feel that their passion and purpose is art, but are allowing artwork to pile up on shelves or letting knowledge stagnate instead of sharing it with others.

Many don't know where to begin, might think it isn't good enough, or just become overwhelmed. Whatever the situation might be, I can help you get on track.

The support of someone who understands what you are going through, focuses on the things that will actually work, and your personal goals, will save you time in the long run.

If this sounds like something that will help you determine what you are doing with your art and tap into your earning potential, please continue reading.

Confidence Building

Creating Confidence

In Creating Confidence, you will gain the skills necessary to recognize your confidence and portray it in what you do.

  • Develop a mindset that allows you to strengthen your confidence
  • Acknowledge the confidence you presently have
  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Develop competencies
Goal Setting

Setting Up for Success

In Setting Up for Success, you will explore what your goals and dreams are and implement working toward achieving them.

  • Identify goals
  • Giving yourself a big enough reason to achieve them
  • Creating unconditional dreams
  • Create the vision
  • Begin working on your goals

Stay In Touch Marketing

In Stay In Touch Marketing, discover where the people are that you are selling to and create content for your marketing.

  • Learn about how marketing works
  • Discover where your clients are
  • Determine where to sell to them
  • Market to them in your own voice
  • Create original content ideas
  • Create a marketing calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Life Coaching the same as Counseling or Therapy?

No. Counseling and therapy usually look into your past and do one or more of the following: Treat an illness, heal a trauma, cope with loss or abuse, treat addiction

Life coaching focuses on the present and future with a focus on increasing emotional well-being, making life changes, increasing motivation, learning new skills.

There will be some exploration of your past with coaching, but it is mostly used to gain insight into what coaching techniques could work best for you.

Is there really no charge for the complimentary 30 minute session?

Yes, it is really free. During the 30 minute session, we will look at what you want to achieve during the coaching sessions. You will be able to determine if I am a fit for working with you. I will be able to determine if my services are a fit for you or should a referral be sought.
No strings attached, no obligation.

What can be covered in 30 minutes?

Quite a bit actually. Upon reciept of your message that you are interested in coaching, I send out some forms for you to fill out. I will review the forms prior to our session so that I have a general idea of what you are seeking from coaching and we can begin working from there.

Are there any guarantees?

There is so much to factor in, I cannot offer any guarantee that coaching will be the solution for you. There needs to be a willingness and open-mindedness on your part to succeed. There is work that you will have to put in to achieve your own success. I give you tools to achieve it, but you are held accountable for the outcome.

There is a guarantee on sessions paid for, but not used. That is covered in the paperwork I give you during the complimentary session.

Are you licensed through a learning institution?

Life coaching is not a licensed course of study in any country. There is only certification from schools that are attended or from one of the organizations that provide ethical obligations for life coaching. 

Are the coaching sessions confidential?

Indeed, they are. Any personal information supplied or notes taken during a session are kept confidential. The information will not be used or disclosed, except as authorized by you, or as required by law.

On occasion, general information may anonymously be shared for training or consultation purposes with other Coaching Professionals. Your identity and any information that could lead to your identification will remain entirely confidential.

A full disclosure on ethics and confidentiality is supplied in the initial email.

How will we communicate?

I am open to using a few different apps for communication during the session. Choices currently are WhatsApp or Skype.

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