Creating Confidence

It Can Be Done. You Can Do It.

Do you Find Yourself Saying:

  • I'm not sure people will like it
  • So many have already done that
  • Nobody has liked it so far
  • I'm not sure I can do it

Do You Hesitate From Taking Action?

Gain confidence by quieting negative self-talk, reviewing wins and losses, holding yourself accountable, and realizing your potential.

Gain Confidence Building Skills

Gain Control

Recognize your fear and handle it in a responsible way.

Develop Self Esteem

Build a sense of self by loving and forgiving yourself.

Overcome Failure

Discover how failure is a way to success.

Attain a Positive Attitude

Develop a mindset to achieve what was thought impossible.

How Carol Bond Can Help You

I understand that the one thing that holds most artists back are fears and thoughts. You want to begin sharing or selling your artwork, or begin instructing and those inner thoughts or fears prevent you from doing so.

I will work with you to overcome those thoughts and fears that hold you back.

Over the past twenty years, I have spent time learning how to become more organized, efficient, and confident. I will show you what I have learned that has allowed me to build her confidence, determination, and success. Together, you will tailor a plan so that you may also build your confidence and begin reaching the success you hope for.

Some Areas That Will Be Worked On


Overcome resistance to take desired actions


Overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk


Develop necessary skills for reframing fears of change, failure or risk


Gain the belief in the ability to change and grow


Unlock knowledge and skills to gain confidence


Techniques for getting started in what you want to do

Why Are You Still Waiting?

You are in charge of your life, art, and business. You are responsible for your success. Waiting won't make it happen.

This means understanding what makes you stop from taking action and preventing it from doing so.

Take the first step now toward gaining the confidence you want in orfer to move forward in doing the things you want to do in life.

What's Included

6 One-On-One Sessions

Weekly, private telephone sessions
with Carol for six weeks

Email Contact

Touch base with Carol between sessions via email

2 Group Sessions

Join Carol in her group session to celebrate your triumphs during the month

Carol personally coaches you for two months, showing you exactly how to develop methods that will help you gain the confidence necessary to do what you want to achieve.

You'll complete assignments and worksheets that you will be able to reuse. They will help you move forward with what you wish to do in life and succeeding.

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