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I'm Not the Kind of Person Who Sets Goals

Three Reasons Why You Might Want to Reconsider

When I was recruiting, someone once told me that they didn't set goals. I kind of sat there, dumbfounded by the statment. 

The conversation then went something like this:

Me: Why are you looking for a new job?
Mr. I Don't Set Goals: I want more money.
Me: Why?
Mr. I Don't Set Goals: So that I can actually go somewhere when I go on vacation.
Me: Would travelling make you happy?
Mr. I Don't Set Goals: Yes. I've haven't been out of the Triborough area except for when I was a kid when I went on vacation with my parents. I want to do things like that with my son.
Me: So spending time with your family is important and would make you happy?
Mr. I Don't Set Goals: Yes.

Mr. I Don't Set Goals had a nice list of things that would make him happy: travelling, time with his son, more money to make it all happen. In a later conversation with him, he revealed that he didn't like setting goals because his son was most important to him and he also never met his goals.

Here are the three reasons I gave him to start setting goals.

  • You can feel amazing about yourself. The sense of accomplishment and inspriation might make you want to set another goal for yourself. Not only do you feel better about yourself, you would pass these positive characteristics along to other people.
  • Is there a particular reason that you don't want things for yourself? In my example above, I think spending time with his son was more than enough reason. It is healthy to want things for yourself.
  • There is more failure in not even attempting to achieve your goal, than not meeting it. At least if you didn't meet it 100%, you at least tried. There isn't any reason to not try again with a different plan of action.

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