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5 Quick, Easy Ways to Begin Improving Your Confidence

5 Quick, Easy Ways to Begin Improving Your Confidence

Confidence isn't a feeling, or a personality trait. It is not a belief in an ability, nor is it self-esteem. Confidence can be linked to all of those things, but they don't exactly explain what confidence is.

Being confident is best described as believing that you have the ability to meet a challenge and succeed. It can help you make a first impression, be credible, a face challenges - both personally and professionally.

If you lack confidence, it CAN be worked on. It is like a muscle that you can build and strengthen through exercise. By learning new things and putting into practice what you learn, you can steadily improve your chances of being confident in that area.

5 Quick, Easy Ways to Begin Improve Your Confidence:
  • Stand Tall. Standing tall helps you feel better about yourself.
  • Set Yourself Up to Win. Set a small goal and achieve it. Make sure it is a goal that you can achieve. The sense of accomplishment from finishing it, will boost your confidence for doing other things.
  • Be Prepared. There is nothing worse than not being prepared to lower your confidence. Fumbling around looking for things, stammering over words. You're getting ready to bring your work to a local exhibit. Have everything you might need with you in an accessible place. Artwork, business card, work description. Rehearse what you might say. 
  • Care for Yourself. Good physical, emotional and social health. If we take some time to take care of ourselves, it will give a small boost of confidence. Get a haircut or your nails done. It is empowering.
  • Don't Try to Please Everyone. Stop trying to live up to everyone's expectations for you. Focus on living to your own standards. The reality is that you can't make everyone else happy.

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